Pro-Collagen Marine Cream Spf 30 - 50Ml

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WHAT IS IT? Since its launch in 2003, Pro-Collagen Marine Cream has been a world-wide beauty game changer. With one selling every nine seconds around the globe***, Pro-Collagen Marine Cream has won more than 30 awards. Famous for its gel-cream texture, delicate fragrance and extraordinary, proven* results, Pro-Collagen Marine Cream is the blend of actives and cutting-edge science. NEW Pro-Collagen Marine Cream SPF30 is a daily moisturizer with the sun protection you need, the power you want and a texture you'll love. Finally, a sunscreen that doesn't feel like sunscreen. WHY USE IT The addition of SPF actives has compromised many creams. It took 15 years to create the perfect formulation for Pro-Collagen Marine Cream SPF30. It delivers the same firming, wrinkle reducing power, in the iconic, lightweight gel-cream texture of the original. The formula contains next-generation micronized sunscreen particles.These tiny particles absorb the sun's rays, like a sponge, and converting them into safer infrared light, to protect your skin. Every particle is wrapped twice in a protective sphere, leading to highly efficient performance. These double-wrapped spheres have a negative charge, so they repel each other, like opposite sides of a magnet. This allows the sunscreen to spread easily in one smooth layer. Full protection on every front: Broad Spectrum UVA/UVB SPF30 + antioxidant protection Incredibly light texture that glides on easily and immediately absorbs This is the perfect SPF30 moisturizer to layer under makeup Absolutely no streaking or gray chalky residue HOW TO APPLY Apply every morning to cleansed dry skin. If contact with eyes occurs rinse thoroughly. Always use upward stroking sweeping motions when applying moisturizer to the face. VISIBLE RESULTS 100% agreed their skin felt smoother* 100% agreed this left their skin looking and feeling more youthful* 100% agreed this is the most effective anti-aging cream they’d ever used* 100% agreed this dramatically reduced the appearance of deep lines and wrinkles* *Independent User Trials
Wrinkle reduction
SPF protection
Chestnut Natamilk is highly skin compatible. It is rich in sugar , minerals , vitamins , lipids and proteins and helps to restore elasticity , suppleness and nutrients to the skin. Ginkgo Biloba is rich in anti-oxidants and helps protect the skin from everyday stresses. It has anti-ageing benefits including skin firming and toning. Padina Pavonica , Rich in water-attracting polysaccharides and fatty acids , this Mediterranean seaweed helps to moisturise , leading to a firmer and more supple feeling skin. The building blocks of healthy , younger-looking skin.Padina Pavonica , sometimes referred to as Peacock’s Tail , is a brown algae from the Pheophycaea family , abundantly found on the Mediterranean coast and can be harvested by hand. The unique Mediterranean algae , is expertly formulated into our skincare solutions which provide moisturisation to support the feeling of suppleness , firmness and elasticity. Water attracting molecules within the skin help to maintain moisture. Cell to cell communication ensures optimal hydration.
Apply every morning to cleansed dry skin. If contact with eyes occurs rinse thoroughly. Always use upward stroking sweeping motions when applying moisturizer to the face.